Hidden Beach Riviera Maya Mexico Nude Couple
Welcome to the World’s Only
5-Star Au Naturel Resort

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Resort FAQ

Hidden Beach is an “Au Naturel Club;” therefore, we expect our guests to participate in naturist oriented activities. Guests find that their initial discomfort in the new environment quickly melts away with the warm rays of the sun and the easy camaraderie of the other guests. All activities and dining can be done in the nude.

Some people prefer to wear clothes for yoga or working out in the fitness center. Others bring accessories to match the evening theme parties. You must wear clothing to visit El Dorado Seaside Suites, play tennis or take any offsite tours.

Not at all, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll find that people come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s perfectly natural. Nudists respect each other’s individuality.

Hidden Beach is walled and gated with 24-hour security, and it is nearly surrounded by mangrove jungle. The neighboring resort is managed by the same hotel group. Photography and video recording are prohibited on premises.

Although the resort is geared towards couples, singles are also welcome. Be aware that there is different pricing and it is treated as “case by case scenario”.

Yes, gay couples are welcome too.

We are constantly cleaning chairs and surfaces, but we also request that guests carry a towel and sit on this at all times. We provide clean towels throughout the property for this purpose.

This is not a sexually charged atmosphere, so it actually doesn’t happen often. But if it does (and this is natural), men typically grab a towel to conceal the obvious, turn over or take a dip in the pool. No big deal.

No, they are not. Nudists know that being without clothes does not mean you can behave inappropriately in front of others. Please refrain from any intimate touching or displays of affection that you would not do in any other public place with your clothes on. Sexual behavior must be reserved for your private suite. This is a clothes-free resort, not a lifestyle hotel. All guests need to feel comfortable in the company of the other guests.

Occasionally there are guests who don’t understand the Guest Rules, choose to ignore them, or simply get caught up in the moment. If you observe guest conduct that makes you uncomfortable, please inform resort staff right away.

The beach in front of the hotel is clothes-free, and there are walls that go to the waterline to ensure the privacy of our guests. If you choose to walk the beach beyond the confines of the resort, you’ll need to put on a bathing suit or clothes.

No, we welcome all nudists at the Hidden Beach Resort. There are no credentials or requirements to vacationing here, other than agreeing to abide by the Guest Rules. Hidden Beach Resort is a member of the American Association for Nude Recreation and many other Naturist oriented affiliations.